What a Wonderful World


Jonathan was born in Katzir on July 17, 2001.
He started painting at the age of two and already in the first years his ability to see the beautiful and notice the details stood out.
Jonathan loved to draw from his imagination and incorporated subjects that interested him into his paintings. Animals, birds, fish and imaginary creatures appeared in his paintings, often against the background of their natural environment.
Jonathan delved into the techniques to create a rich background, which sometimes became the main subject of the drawing – still water, a flowing stream, a raging sea, vegetation, sand, rocks, light and shadow, clouds and stars.

At kindergarten age, Jonathan started playing sports – Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, swimming and Karate, and also tried surfing and snowboarding. His art reflected his growing interest in movement and capturing the moment.
Jonathan has been engaged in sculpting in clay for several years and some of the subjects of his paintings also appeared in three dimensions under his hands as a ceramic sculpture.
Beyond his high technical ability, Jonathan’s works evoke emotions – sometimes at a glance and sometimes when you notice the hidden details.

Jonathan enlisted in the IDF in August 2020. He did a medic course and later completed a combat training in Shaldag – an Israeli Air Force special unit.
Throughout his military service, Jonathan continued to draw – complete works at home, drawings for team shirts and sketches on a small sketchbook in the field.

At the beginning of October 2023, Jonathan went on a two-week vacation in Sri Lanka, surfing and hiking in the mountains.
On October 7, with the outbreak of the Simchat Torah War, he hurried to advance his return flight, landed the next evening and joined his fellow fighters.
Jonathan fell in northern Gaza on November 7, 2023 during an activity by the Shaldag team to locate the kidnapped.
He was 22 years old.

The website jonathanchazor.com is dedicated to perpetuating his works.

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